Arisan is a specialist of chemical additives, base fluids and services for the formulation of Lubricants and industrial fluids. We are committed to creating value and improving our customer’s formulations with our complete range of specialty products.


We offer you a wide range of products, ingredients and specialties, including:


  • Additives
  • Packages for Industrial Lubricants
  • Esters
  • Surfanctants & Emulsifiers
  • Solid Lubricants
  • Fuels & Biodiesel Additives
  • Polyalkylene Glycols
  • Antifoam & Defoamers
  • Compunded Products

We are active in the Industrial Lubricants, Automotive Lubricants or any other field of business where quality additives are needed.


Arisan provides an extensive range of ingredients for the formulation of the following fluids:


  • Industrial Lubricants
    • Hydraulic fluids
    • Metal Working fluids
    • Compressor oils
    • Chain oils
    • Gear oils
    • Greases
  • Automotive Lubricants
    • 2-stroke Engine oils
    • 4-stroke engine oils
    • Marine oils
    • Transmission oils
    • Brake fluids
  • Industrial Fluids
    • Quenching oils
    • Heat transfer fluids
    • Textile lubricants
    • Demoulding agents
    • Anti-freeze

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts with extensive experience and R&D background and let them show you ways of adding value to your formulations.