Paint & Coatings markets are one of the key indicators for Arisan Group since its foundation. As Arisan Group we rely on our innovative products as well as our experience in order to serve the optimum solution packages that meet cost criterias, integration of new technologies as well as logistics/drumming solutions.


We offer you a wide range of products, ingredients and specialties, including:


  • Acrylic Monomers & Polymers
  • Epoxy Binders & Resins Additives
  • Polyurethane Systems Additives
  • Fillers & Crosslinkers
  • Specialty Additives
  • Green Solvents
  • Antifoam & Defoamers
  • Surfactants

We are active in various fields of CASE markets where quality additives are needed. Arisan provides an extensive range of ingredients for the formulation of the following:


  • Decorative Paints
  • Road Paints
  • Aerosol Systems
  • Polyurethane Systems
  • Industrial & Performance Coatings
  • Epoxy Systems
  • Flooring
  • Adhesives
  • Construction Chemicals

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts with extensive experience and R&D background and let them show you ways of adding value to your formulations.